So in a domain environment and you have a share on a local PC. You setup the permissions on that share so only you can get to it, and you may have even hidden the share.

You support other uses, on their machine you type in the run box to try and get to your share


But instead of getting the Interactive Login Box appear so you can put in login details of your admin account that has access to that share. You get Access is denied.

So with the help of Jody this was the fix (although still looking for another fix that makes the login box always appear, which in most cases it doesn’t).

As the share has now been added to Net Use even though you were given Access is Denied, you need to delete it so go to a cmd and type

net use /d \\a2222\hidden$


net use x: \\a2222\hidden$ /user:DOMAINNAME\adminaccount *

The * is important as it then forces it to ask you for the password.

This will then map an X share to the users account while they are logged in.

You’ll then be able to go to this or just type \\a2222\hidden$ in the run field.

Try and remember to disconnect the X share after you finish or they’ll still have it when they login next. But this shouldn’t be a security issue as if they click on it, after logging off and on again, they’ll be prompted for a user name and password. And of course, they don’t have permissions to the share. But remember, if you leave the X connected and walk away, until they log off, they’ll have access to that share.

Leave a comment please if you know of another way to fix this so the Interactive login box pops up every time, that’s the true fix I want.