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If you get something like this, that I feel is on the borderline of racketeering. Then ignore it. You owe no money, but it’s clearly designed in such a way to make some people think they do, so they pay up.


Running Windows 7 64bit Ultimate and attempting a MAC scan via WIFI and getting this issue

C&A Error

Looks to be an issue with Cain and Abel according to this thread

So to fix it edit the registry as this

That’s pretty strange… you are running Cain with administrative privileges right? If so, you can try editing the value directly in the registry. It’s located under HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Cain/Settings within your registry. ensure Spoofing is set to 0.

If you install logmein on a machine via RDP, when you then attempt to connect to it remotely (if it hasn’t been rebooted) you’ll get

This terminal server display is inactive” message.

If you’re using the free version you’re screwed and will have to wait for the PC to be rebooted.

If you’re using the Pro version or the Pro trial version then you should have Computer Management options on the right. Just reboot the machine and all should be OK. Haven’t found a work around if you installed the free version. This thread may shed some light though.

If you install logmein using

mstsc /admin

Apparently it works fine, but haven’t tested.!341950/belvedere-automates-your-self+cleaning-pc

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