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Kept forgetting the name of this so posting so I remember 🙂

Oven quiet beep

Hold manual & –

This WordPress theme (Arjuna X) is now essentially at it’s end of life. Since the recent WordPress update it’s broken the theme and the theme isn’t really updated much.

Oh well.

Humax needs to be in standby for dvd playback. Just put dvd in and turn Humax off so goes to standby (don’t turn humax off at back as dvd signal goes through it to the TV). Dvd menu should appear, if no picture but DVD sound then check scart cable at back, might be lose. Finally get a picture but it stuck in black and white. Check screen setup on dvd menu is set to PAL.

Dvd player was/is a Acoustic Solutions unit.

(At some point I’ll update the images so they appear again – 19 4 2016)

Oddly some proxies block the small thumb nail images (Attempting to remove some words as think they are causing the work proxy to block the images)

Anyone innocent in the images can blame the fuck that attempted to rip me off.

All images recovered from the E71 I bought off some fool off Ebay, because the idiot didn’t secure wipe the Mirco SD card (R-Studio was used to recover the data. I’ve recommended it before). Arrived with a cracked screen and he/she refused to give a refund. Claimed I did it or if it was Royal Mail I should take it up with them. No, it’s up to HIM to claim it off Royal Mail.

Ebay ID of the fool is darrenscott1991

Can you get any hairier!?

Mobile numbers recovered


I could print the whole number but have chosen not to.

Qualities 80’s toy

Someone had a yellow one few doors down from me in the 90s.  I’m sure this was the car.