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OEM XP key

Requires an OEM copy of XP to work. All OEM keys are disabled and only phone activation works. This was cause people were nicking them.

Unlike with previous versions of Windows Server–in which you could disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration by removing the component in Add/Remove Programs, Windows Components–the Windows Server 2008 implementation of Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration is configured through Server Manager.

Select the root of the Service Manager navigation pane, and under the Server Summary click Configure IE ESC, which is part of the Security Information section. A dialog box appears, letting Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration be enabled/disable separately for normal users and administrators.

Go to the phone dialler and dial *#*#4636#*#* (DO NOT press send or call button) just wait a second and you will get the ‘test’ menu.

You have to install the Desktop Experience feature, then you will be able to find the option in Personalize option.

DC7900 VT mode

Found in the security section of the BIOS if the CPU supports it. Needs to be enabled for 64bit VMs to work.

HTC as promised has started rolling out the Froyo update for the very sexy looking HTC Desire? If you are a Europe based user and have an unlocked handset, there are two ways for you to get this update. One is to wait for the OTA update which can take quite some time or the other way is install it manually. If the later option is your choice, find out how to update your firmware to Android 2.2 after the jump.