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Little vid I created to show how easy it is to crack WEP. Shockingly people still have WEP set on their WIFI setups. You need to change it to WPA2 ASAP.

This vid is for educational purposes only as it’s illegal to crack anyone’s WIFI unless you have permission.

WPA and WPA2 is a lot harder to crack if you use a strong password as it requires a dictionary attack. If your password isn’t in their dictionary because you made it strong with special characters etc, then it will be harder for someone to crack.

You have to remember that you may think “So what if someone gets on my router. If they just download the odd e-mail then so be it.” Problem is once they are on, they can download anything. What with the new Copyright Bill act in place, they could download a Hollywood movie and it would trace back to your IP. You’re the one that would get the warning letters not them. Your internet connection is the one that would get cut off, not theirs. Also once they are on your network, they can perform a Man in The Middle Attack (mentioned in my other security posts). They could then intercept your banking details, e-mail login details and more. They could also, even jump onto your PC without you even knowing about it.

I’ll add more to these notes later when I can be bothered. To explain the commands and what it’s all doing.