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Quality 🙂

Chris Conway Statement

Chris Conway Statement

Chris Conway Statement

Yes I know it don’t fit in the post but still 🙂 I’ve put a link to the image above.

I hate Mediums. They prey on the weak and gullible for money. This guy is just as bad. But its interesting here that he criticizes Most Haunted now he’s lost his contract with them. Most Haunted clearly having something to hide, had him remove it from his site. They forgot about Google Cache. It’s gone from that now too but I got a pic before it went.

A quality and great interview with Richard Dawkins and Derren Brown. Explains so much, about cold reading, bullshit shows like Most Haunted and more. Best one is part 4 at 5:35. He’s talking about Most Haunted as I remember that episode. Most Haunted is fine if you look at it as entertainment. When it becomes an issue is if you base your beliefs on the message it puts across.

Oddly part 3 is blocked even though I’m in the UK. So I used which is a US proxy which then oddly works.

Derren Brown Interview with Richard Dawkins