Reg File

Just double click the file and say yes to merge to reg. Adds the Computer Name to appear under My Computer.

Fails on Windows 7 because the part of the reg that is edited in Windows 7 needs admin rights and even the admin doesn’t have rights, so you have to manually edit it. Annoying!

You can run the .reg above or if you don’t trust it, then edit the reg manually as shown below

Change Computer Name Text
Go to regedit
First go to
Delete the entry in (Default)
Rename LocalizedString just in case. Create a new “Expandable String Value” and rename it LocalizedString
Put in it

Then it appears you have to go to (although not all the time. Sometimes just the first above edit works)

And remove the txt in (Default)
Create a new “Expandable String Value” and rename it LocalizedString and put
Close regedit and press F5 and should update, if not reboot, if still doesn’t work then check over the reg changes again.

You can try and edit the keys in Windows 7 or Server 2008 but you’ll need to take control of those specific keys in the permissions tab or you’ll get access denied and won’t even be able to give yourself permissions to change the permissions to that key.

EDIT-Just tried in Server 2008 R2 and appears it doesn’t know what the %COMPUTERNAME% tag is so just shows %COMPUTERNAME% oh well.

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