First disable Bitlocker (do not decrypt!!!)

2. take ownership of the TMP chip
3. reboot
4. Initialize TPM chip enter pswd on TMP chip
5. Enable Bitlocker

drive is still encrypted and your tmp chip is loaded. and won’t request keys on boot.

Patrick Veldboer

Boot the laptop and then enter the Bit Locker unlock code (from awdc05)

Plug the laptop into the network and then log on as your admin user

Control Panel -> Bit Locker Drive Encryption

Suspend Protection

Choose the option to suspend Protection-> Reboot

Note that you are still asked to enter the Bit Locker Code

Restart and then go into the BIOS

Security-> TPM-> Choose the option to disable-> Save then exit

Log on to Windows-> Control Panel-> Bit Locker Drive Encryption

Resume Protection

Choose the option to Resume Protection – Message: Activate TPM first

Take ownership

Launch TPM Administration -> Initiate TPM

At this point you will get a message saying that the machine will restart and then follow the instructions. (Something like press F10 to continue)

Go into the BOIS – Activate TPM

Log into Windows -> Bit Locker Drive Encryption -> Restart Protection

As found by Sheldon 🙂