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In my situation it was:

vmware-vdiskmanager -r “E:\VMs\Windows 10 x64\Windows 10 x64.vmdk” -t 2 “E:\VMs\Windows 10 x64\New Drive\Windows 10 x64.vmdk”

-t 2 (is preallocated virtual disk)

I think it also, but could be totally wrong, gives the NIC a new MAC as well. I’ve had it before where two VMs would boot fine, one copied from the other, but one of the VMs NICs refused to work unless the other VM was off. I finally realised they both had the same MAC address. That was a few years ago, until before I discovered Workstations own “clone” option.

If you are unable to resume a virtual machine that had been suspended:

1. Navigate to the directory where the virtual machine’s files are located.
Delete the file that ends in .vmss as well as any files or folders that end in .lck.

Note: The suspend state of the virtual machine will be lost. This operation will replicate a physical machine having had its power unplugged.