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I did these guides as there appeared to be very little info on GAM on YouTube. Which is odd considering its really the only option to fully manage Gsuite. Bit like PowerShell in Office 365.

This is from last year, they may have updated stuff. Also they don’t appear to update their online documentation on new updates

Group Policy

Where the scripts etc are stored so you can edit them as if you go to the normal location as domain admin which is


You won’t have permissions but you will have access to the below area.

C:\Windows\SYSVOL\sysvol\DOMAIN NAME

You might not be able to write directly to it but you can create your scripts else where then copy them into there.

Long title just to say this

Is a Google search query. Just put what you want to search for at the end of the =


I just found it interesting that was all. Seems to get rid of all the other crap that is in the URL that Google adds. I don’t know what the other crap does. I wondered if they were IDs but appears to do it in an incognito window as well when no account is signed in.

Word 2016

Create link in the document. They call it bookmark. Highlight text, go to Insert/Bookmark. Give it a name.

Then to link to it choose text you want to jump to it. Choose Hyperlink, Place In This Document. You should see the bookmark then.

“The fastest, safer way to get things done on the web.” is their blurb. My video clearly shows its not secure. A known phishing site and both IE and Edge allow you to it. Both Chrome and Firefox warn you it’s a known phishing site.

To get Bitlocker to work on this laptop make sure PTT is switched on in the BIOS along with UEFI. Otherwise you can’t use Bitlocker on it.

If you need to make a bootable USB stick for Windows 10 it would then need to be Partition Scheme GPT and Target System UEFI

You try to port forward to the CCTV on port 8o with the management console of the router on port 8080. The management port on the router works remotely but the CCTV refuses to.

Change the management port on the router to something other than 8080. We used 5000. Then the port forwarding to port 80 for the CCTV works.

We think this is either a bug in the TP-Link or a bug on the CCTV unit.

OrcaMSI Editor

Orca MSI Editor. You can either take the long winded way of getting the file or download from here.

When I uploaded it the link was valid and secure, lets hope it stays that way.

Very useful for editing MSI files for Group Policy.