I’ve now removed all the adverts to Amazon and Google, including the Google search bar. Also the Krystal affiliate link, although I like their service and them as a host (they are very good) their affiliate link program is awful, having to give a 3rd party company about £15 for “admin fees” and I’ve never received anything in return so I just gave up with it. I’ve never seen an affiliate program where you had to pay the company. I stupidly thought I’d get something out of it, I was wrong.

The adverts were never going to make me money or fund the site (I’ve not actually had anything from them, not 1 pence) but that’s all fine. Again, the site was created and still is, mainly for my notes. A place to store them online for me to access anywhere and may be of use for someone else. I’ve removed the cookie warning now as well as I still believe the site complies with GDPR. It’s a hobby site and takes no data that I know of.

If you’d still like to donate, I’d be grateful 🙂 hosting fees come in near the end of the year and it costs £79 a year.

PayPal Donation. Fanks :o)