Acronis has gone down hill big time now, the recently ones I’ve avoided. Acronis Home 2010 ain’t great but Acronis 10, that was perfectly fine and worked on XP doesn’t work in Windows 7. Version 10 didn’t make making tasks that easy though which was crap.

Their error messages are mainly shit and seem to be intended for the software defs and not normal people to understand, stupid fing idea.

If you’re looking for a backup package, I wouldn’t recommend Acronis anymore, way to bugging with every release now. It’s struggles with incremental and differential backups. I use differential only and say it does full backup on Monday, it’s suppose to do differential on tues, wed, thurs and then when starts again overwrite the Monday full backup, but it doesn’t, just carries on doing differential on it so I have to manually remember to delete it each week, which is shit . I’m still looking for a replacement that does the only decent thing Acronis does and that is e-mail with reports of backups etc.


Notes for permissions issue I came across that was fing annoying.

You get this running a task that worked before.

If you changed the password for the account you’re logged into then the authentication details in the task might need changing. Also, if the task is created under another account you’ll get errors according to this:

1. You are trying to manually run a scheduled task (backup or validation) in Windows;
2. The operation fails with an error message similar to the following one:
E00640067: Failed to run the task
Failed to execute the task script. Error #1314 – “A required privilege is not held by the client (0xFFF0)
code = 80070522
Tag = 0xBD28FDBD64EDB8AF”.
(!) Other operations may also fail with this error message. The solution will be the same as described below.
The most probable cause is that the task was created under a different Windows user account (even if it had Administrator rights). The scheduled tasks can be executed manually only by the user who originally created these tasks. On the other side non-scheduled tasks can be executed by any user who has Administrator/Backup Operator privileges.
1. Delete all scheduled tasks with the task zap command and Acronis scheduling utility. See Acronis Scheduler Manager for complete instructions.
2. Recreate the tasks using your version of Acronis backup software. Reattempt the operation.
The issue should now be resolved.

Other ones I’ve had recently. Changed the name of my PC which is on a domain. So recreated the tasks (well one of them as just realised I could just update the authentication details).

You need to change these details

On a domain but logged onto the machine with a local account so oddly the domain authentication accounts here kept getting fused, even though they were right. So for local account it was left as this

Keep NT Authentication ticked

And on this screen. If you don’t change the authentication on this screen you’ll get the authentication error before.

Also at time if I try to cancel a running task it either takes AGES to decide to cancel or never does or does cancel but the box still claims it’s running. If so, close Acronis then stop and restart this service

Or more likely cancel this running task