Couldn’t find anything on the net for changing the rollers on this scanner.  The scanner is good, but the way you change the rollers is FING annoying. Why Canon designed it that way is anyone’s guess.  Only thing I can think of is to make you call out their engineer at expense, which doesn’t make sense as most business’ would have warranties so Canon would have to repair it free.

Canon DR-3080CII Roller Replacement PDF

Guide is slapped together, might tidy up later.  Also, haven’t gotten round to zipping up all the images so although the guide mentions I’ll make them available, I haven’t gotten round to it yet.

Releasing this manual for free.  No catches expect it’s unders GNU license.  So you’re free to share it but you must NOT charge anyone for it.  It can only be shared for free.

Guide to the GNU licence

If there are a lot of downloads for the file I’ll move it to a free hosting place as I only have limited bandwidth on my hosting.

Me and Richard Ottley sorted the rollers out.