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One workaround I found was this site Just paste the URL and click the Download link. it will give you the “403 forbidden” page but all you do is click the URL bar and press enter and the download dialog box will pop up and let you download anyway.

Edit: Just tried this site too
Seems to have the same process as above:
1) Paste the video ID number from the end of the URL. (example: 308887921 would be UWW: Robotrek part 4)
2) Press the go button.
3) Click the download link and you’ll get a “403 Forbidden” message.
4) Click/Highlight the URL and press enter or go
5) Download dialog box will appear and let you download.

Points to

Which is

Here’s what I found with the docmd.sendobject command. User XXXX is using Outlook 2003. Outlook 2003 has changed their security for sending emails with an attachment. For vba code, the docmd.sendobject command cannot be utilized with the Edit Message set to True and the “TO” left blank. A “TO” must be supplied and the Edit Message must be set to “False” in the vba code (at least to my knowledge so far).
Once these parameters are supplied in the vba command and a user clicks on the button to send the attachment, a message box will appear stating to the effect: “A program is trying to send an attachment on your behalf. Do you want to allow this?” and a progress bar appears. Once the progress bar has reached the end, the Yes box is enabled where the user must click Yes in order to complete the email.

For example, this (where me!EmailTo = the email address):

DoCmd.SendObject acReport, stDocName, “RichTextFormat(*.rtf)”, Me!EmailTo, “”, “”, “Some message”, “”, True, “”

will give the error 2293

whereas this:

DoCmd.SendObject acReport, stDocName, “RichTextFormat(*.rtf)”, Me!EmailTo, “”, “”, “Some Message”, “”, False, “”

does not.

Oh, and this issue seems to be Outlook service pack related.

Michael Vincent

Getting this when trying to install the LGBluray software for the new LG Super Multi Blue drive.

Disable all virtual CD/DVD drives otherwise you’ll keep getting the error.

PowerISO is what was causing it.  But disabling the virtual drives allows the software to install.

You can re-enable the virtual drives after.

When using Word as your e-mail editor you might encounter the error “Interface Not Registered” when trying to send your e-mail. As a result you are unable to send it but you are able to send e-mail when setting Outlook as your e-mail editor. To solve this so you are able to use Word as your e-mail editor close all running Office applications. Then use Start-> Run and type;

Regsvr32.exe %Windir%\System32\Ole32.dll

This will correctly register the ole32.dll file in the registry.