About Kon-Boot
Kon-Boot is an prototype piece of software which allows to change contents of a linux kernel (and now Windows kernel also!!!) on the fly (while booting). In the current compilation state it allows to log into a linux system as ‘root’ user without typing the correct password or to elevate privileges from current user to root. For Windows systems it allows to enter any password protected profile without any knowledge of the password. It was acctually started as silly project of mine, which was born from my never-ending memory problems 🙂 Secondly it was mainly created for Ubuntu, later i have made few add-ons to cover some other linux distributions. Finally, please consider this is my first linux project so far 🙂 Entire Kon-Boot was written in pure x86 assembly, using old grandpa-geezer TASM 4.0.

Additional notes:

* Kon-Boot was designed to work on X86-32 architectures only.
* This utility was not designed to work with USB sticks, however you can try some unofficial methods to boot Kon-Boot from USB, check the USB tutorial on IronGeek or Raymond blog post.

Kon-Boot was presented on numerous places, it was featured in: Hak5 Episode-518, PaulDotCom Security Weekly Episode-158, WindowsITPro and others. Till the 13-07-2009 it was downloaded about 170.000 times.