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Ebay Listing

Don’t worry, these won’t be regular. Just in case anyone’s interested. Starting to sell my retro collection consoles.

Our cat has been diagnosed a diabetic. I make nothing from this site or my YouTube account but I want to keep both going but the hosting for this site costs (still OK for a year I think as paid upfront).

Anyway, will struggle with the vet bills for Coco so, embarrassed to say, I’ve started up a GoFundMe for her. Any money left over that doesn’t pay for her bills will be donated to the Cats Protection.

OST viewer

Have used before. It’s very good and free.


UPDATE – I’ve changed the Amazon links to point to the Smile charity Amazon links instead so I don’t get anything but a charity will. More info about Smile Amazon here

Sorry about the adverts. I needed to put them on to try and fund the site. Feel free to put an adblock on if you wish. I’d rather you didn’t as would help with the hosting fees (which have gone up) but I understand if you wish to disable them.

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PayPal Donation. Fanks :o)

The nice people at my hosting helped me fixed this, Krystal. As I thought it might be an issue at their end but turns out it wasn’t. Most other providers wouldn’t of bothered fixing this as it was my issue, not theirs.

It was a rogue plugin. Rename the plugin folder on your WordPress via FTP or Cpanel. Then you should be able to get into admin. Rename plugin back to what it was which should bring back all plugins but they will be disabled. Then turn them on, one by one, till you find the one causing the issue.

Bad Behaviour was the one causing this. I note it hasn’t been update for months and not tested with the version of WordPress I’m on so I’ve left it disabled.

Run CMD as admin and just type as follows

REG ADD “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome” /v IncognitoModeAvailability /t REG_DWORD /d 00000002

Other interesting reg settings