Searching through PayPal forum to an answer to my question on removing my credit card I noticed this comment

customer friendly business processes are rare in the UK and Paypal is unfortunately no exception.

I have two credit cards registered, one was stolen and the replacement card is already confirmed.

Still Paypal supposes that a stolen credit card can be a funding back-up.

As a bank their business processes are designed by marketing aspects rather than logic, sense, and customer satisfaction. Generally Paypal restricts everything possible and arguments with security reasons even where it is obvious that they want to make some extra bucks over using their costly support lines to full capacity.

However, I will not call, and leave it to Paypal to identify invalid cards.

BTW, recently I helped a fellow ebayer to exploit a rather stupid security flaw in the Paypal ebay interface:

A seller had a writing mistake in her Paypal associated email address from hotmail. So Paypal grabbed the money, well knowing that the seller’s email address is unknown to them, and the transaction couldn’t be finished.

Don’t expect that they informed me by email, of course not, Paypal added this “unclaimed” money to their assets and leaves it to the “merchants” to find out why the ebay deal couldn’t be finalized.

However, I just registered an hotmail account with the erraneous name and gave the seller the password to register the new email address as additional Paypal payment email. The money just moved in an instant…

Note that anyone could create and add these email addresses to their Paypal associated payment addresses.

One should think every beginner in application development would start with verifying email addresses but not so a bank who relies most of its business on online applications, very strange… and frightening.

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If true, that’s not exactly secure.