Gonna try and start a new series of Case of the Unexplained notes, much like Mark Russinovich’s, exactly like Mark’s infact 🙂

These are issues I’ve come across and fixed over the years with his wonderful Sysinternal tools. He’s been a part of Microsoft for years now since they bought out Sysinternals but the tools have continued to be developed.

Back to the case.

The users would load a database but it would pause for several seconds which eventually made it just unusable.

Looking in the Process monitor trace you could see the database being read over the network

Process Monitor MSAccess trace

During the trace it gets read several times with long intervals

MSAccess database being read several times.

Looking at the size of the .mdb file (which I don’t have an image of) it was discovered it was over 1GB. Then looking at the switch the users were connecting through, it was only 100MB. So that must be it. Replaced the switch with a 1GB switch and all was well again.