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So in a domain environment and you have a share on a local PC. You setup the permissions on that share so only you can get to it, and you may have even hidden the share. You support other uses, on their machine you type in the run box to try and get to your […] Domain Local Groups (These used to be plain Local groups). Think of domain local groups as great hosts, literally anyone can be a member, users, Global groups, Universal groups, even computers can join a domain local group. Local groups are bad travellers and only operate in their own domain. Best practice is to use […]  


“Send on Behalf Of” allows one user to be able to send emails on behalf of another. The message will show the recipient who the message was sent on behalf of and who actually sent the message. There are two ways of granting “Send on Behalf Of”: • via Outlook allowing a user to grant […]


To allow send-on-behalf-of, you need to grant permissions on the “Inbox” to either “Author” or “Editor”  


Someone’s mailbox is full. Go into their Outlook via your PC by giving yourself permissions to their mailbox. But if their e-mails aren’t showing, turn off mailbox cache and try again.  


Check permissions on the PST file. This issue was simply READ ONLY was set on the file disallowing it to load despite permissions set.  


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