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Very odd one. Appears to be from the upgrade to Windows 10 people are reporting. I’m sure I installed Office 2010 after Windows 10 was installed so shouldn’t of caused an issue. But anyway. E-mails will just sit in the Out box and never send with errors such as: Sending reported error (0x800CC13) Cannot connect […] Any one of the following will prevent email notifications from being sent: You have added a Delegate and selected ‘Send meeting requests and responses only to my delegates, not to me’. (e.g., Tools | Options | Delegate). You have your calendar set to auto-accept meeting requests. You set ‘Author’ permissions on your calendar. This […]


UPDATE:  This is now fixed as YouTube have added the http:// to the SRC addresses now to stop Outlook thinking it’s a network path.     If you attempt to open and e-mail from YouTube recently in Outlook you’ll probably get what seems to be a lock-up and sometimes a complete Outlook crash.  Most of […] Points to Which is Here’s what I found with the docmd.sendobject command. User XXXX is using Outlook 2003. Outlook 2003 has changed their security for sending emails with an attachment. For vba code, the docmd.sendobject command cannot be utilized with the Edit Message set to True and the “TO” left blank. A “TO” […]


When using Word as your e-mail editor you might encounter the error “Interface Not Registered” when trying to send your e-mail. As a result you are unable to send it but you are able to send e-mail when setting Outlook as your e-mail editor. To solve this so you are able to use Word as […]


Out of Office Assistant – Command is not available Unable to set or edit “Out of Office Assistant” Users get the following error:Â The command is not available. See the program documentation about how to use this extension. Open Outlook. Click on Help. Click on About Microsoft Outlook. Click on the Disabled Items entry. You […] When you reply to an e-mail message in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, your e-mail signature does not appear in the e-mail message. You experience this symptom even if you configured Outlook 2003 to include an e-mail signature every time that you reply to or forward an e-mail message. Back to the top CAUSE This […]


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