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Browsing Posts tagged HP How to Perform a Print/Stop Test Print/Stop Test This diagnostic test can be used to isolate the cause of problems, such as image formation defects and jams, within the engine. This test allows the paper to be stopped anywhere along the printer’s paper path. The test can be programmed to stop printing internal pages […]


HP LaserJet 4200 Series printer 11420002 HP LaserJet 4250 Series printer 09425004 HP LaserJet 4300 Series printer 11430002 HP LaserJet 4350 Series printer 09435004 ————— HP Printer Model Service Menu PIN Code LaserJet 2300 11230002 LaserJet 2410 10241004 LaserJet 2420 10242004 LaserJet 2430 10243004 Color LaserJet 3000 11300005 Color LaserJet 3500 10350003 Color LaserJet 3550 […]


DC7900 VT mode

Found in the security section of the BIOS if the CPU supports it. Needs to be enabled for 64bit VMs to work.  


I know someone who had same issue. HP DV9000 blank screen fix! Video problem BGA rework This fix also works on the HP DV2000, DV6000 and DV9000 there are a couple more HP’s with this BGA video issue. Also effected by this issue are a couple Compaq models. The Comaq Presario V3000 V6000 and […] This utility will format any USB flash drive, with your choice of FAT, FAT32, or NTFS partition types.  


Problem: Windows 7 64 is now installed. Works fine. You do a restart and it goes past post then black screen then slight white washed black screen as if it’s going to load Windows 7 logo but doesn’t. Just stays there. No errors. Turn off and on again and it’s fine. It’s only if you […]


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