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I did these guides as there appeared to be very little info on GAM on YouTube. Which is odd considering its really the only option to fully manage Gsuite. Bit like PowerShell in Office 365. This is from last year, they may have updated stuff. Also they don’t appear to update their online documentation on […]


Long title just to say this Is a Google search query. Just put what you want to search for at the end of the = Or I just found it interesting that was all. Seems to get rid of all the other crap that is in the URL that Google adds. I […]


Google Drive for Desktop Flaws Putting this out there anyway, whether anyone will see this post is another thing. This is a tiny site 🙂 The number one flaw of Google Drive for Desktops when using G Suite (so in a business environment) is the lack of auditing. It states this on their support page. […]


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