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Useful   Users receive the following error when logging onto a domain-joined Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer using cached credentials: There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request. LsaSrv Event 45058, logged in the System event log of a domain-joined workstation, indicates that the operating system has deleted the cached […] And GUI version I’ve used the GUI version and installed on my XP box that had the AD tools installed.  Then when in the got it to run as a domain admin account, otherwise you’ll probably get no results back.  Seemed to work fine in restoring a deleted user (although we […]  


On the Summary page of the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard, you can click Export settings to save the settings that you specified in the wizard to an answer file. You can then use the answer file to automate subsequent installations of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). The answer file is a plain […]  


AD Timeout Try to get your hands on one of the clients that is experiencing the problem and run on it klist.exe or kerbtray.exe (both are part of W2K/W2K3 Resource Kit) to verify that the client is not experiencing problems with renewing it’s Kerberos ticket (both TGT and session tickets) Try to get your hands on […] Domain Local Groups (These used to be plain Local groups). Think of domain local groups as great hosts, literally anyone can be a member, users, Global groups, Universal groups, even computers can join a domain local group. Local groups are bad travellers and only operate in their own domain. Best practice is to use […]


You’ll have an mmc on the desktop or a shortcut to AD where you RUN AS and get the “The directory name is invalid”. Here is a fix for the AD shortcut issue Right click on the AD shortcut in properties and in the Start In put %windir% Fix for the MMC is to […]


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