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This seems to cause no end of issues at times.  Adobe’s new, shit, protected mode.  Disabling it when having issues printing to an MFD, now can print.  


Appears this is a known issue due to CBT  (Changed Block Tracking) vSphere: VM “freezes” during the removal of a snapshot Author(s): ( Arne Fokkema First Published: 26 April 2011 UID: XD10406 By Arne Fokkema – If your VM is running on a NFS datastore and Changed Block Tracking (CBT) is enabled, you […]


spooler at 50%

Spooler running at 50% even after reboot Use Sysinternals, Process Explorer Check it’s threads.  Is localspl.dll running at 50%? If so check the print queues on the machine, especially Microsoft Office Document Image Writer which could have a document stuck in it.  


Net Use Map Drive

If already tried to map drive and got permission denied go to CMD type net use You’ll probably see it in the list with no drive letter Type: net use /d \\COMPUTERNAME\share To map as another user type: net use x: \\COMPUTERNAME\share /user:DOMAINNAME\USERNAM * Then it will ask for the user name password.  Press enter. […]    




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