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Browsing Posts published in October, 2011 Great. This has been pissing me off all day. Now fixed.  


WhoIS util History The Story To put it simply, Open Source Web Design is a collection of web designs submitted by the community that anyone can download free of charge! The Open Source Web Design project was founded in September, 2000 by Francis J. Skettino. The goal was to provide the Open Source community with quality […]


If you have a Dell Precision 470 they can’t use more than 4GB of RAM because Dell annoyingly put in a setup that requires a RAM Fan be installed. Now this system is old, the fans are rare and are being sold for £150+ Now there maybe a reason for the RAM fan. As this […]  




Ran into this. Seems quite good  


You need a SSL certificate first. I have Comodo one, hence the SSL site seal (will be given when you get your certificate). Once the certificate is setup, as I found, if you want SSL through the whole WordPress site, you’ll run into issues in IE. This issue is only if your site contains none […]  


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