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Another good free firewall used more-  


I’ve always used this It’s free  


Quality, quality site. Even better is these FREE download videos And a new certificate course. Considering the amount of info it’s cheap. And life time access to any updates for the life of Security Tube And Vivek Ramachandran has a new book out Used before, it’s good. Quality. It’s looking good. The Lite Package is the free version.  


Acronis has gone down hill big time now, the recently ones I’ve avoided. Acronis Home 2010 ain’t great but Acronis 10, that was perfectly fine and worked on XP doesn’t work in Windows 7. Version 10 didn’t make making tasks that easy though which was crap. Their error messages are mainly shit and seem to […]


(At some point I’ll update the images so they appear again – 19 4 2016) Oddly some proxies block the small thumb nail images (Attempting to remove some words as think they are causing the work proxy to block the images) Anyone innocent in the images can blame the fuck that attempted to rip me […]


Drivers Collection

Useful site for driver downloads  


IT Help Podcasts

Quality IT Help Podcast. And the forum  


Old skool arcade bike. Was looking for an image the other day, this is all I could find. “borrowed” from SuperStock. Use to love these sorts of rides.  Put in a coin and away you go for about 3mins.  Sometimes they had a pedal.  


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