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Arjuna Theme To get Categories to appear as menus use Second Header Menu in the Theme option page.

Qualities 80’s toy Someone had a yellow one few doors down from me in the 90s.  I’m sure this was the car.

So in a domain environment and you have a share on a local PC. You setup the permissions on that share so only you can get to it, and you may have even hidden the share. You support other uses, on their machine you type in the run box to try and get to your […]

For a Gestetner MPC3500/DSc535 but should work on the Ricoh Aficio’s as well I think “Get to config menu on the machine, by typing 1993 on keypad then hitting the red Cancel button 5 times quickly. You get to the diagnostic screen. Number 1 on the keypad (not touch screen) brings up calibration settings for […]

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