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You’ll have an mmc on the desktop or a shortcut to AD where you RUN AS and get the “The directory name is invalid”. Here is a fix for the AD shortcut issue Right click on the AD shortcut in properties and in the Start In put %windir% Fix for the MMC is to […]

Also see Remote Desktop Dual Monitor Support tip remote-desktop-general-tab.jpgYou’re probably wondering if there is dual monitor support for Remote Desktop Connection. There is indeed, but there are some caveats and issues you should be aware of, as well as some solutions to these issues. First, as of Microsoft Remote Desktop client version […]

If you are unable to resume a virtual machine that had been suspended: 1. Navigate to the directory where the virtual machine’s files are located. 2. Delete the file that ends in .vmss as well as any files or folders that end in .lck. Note: The suspend state of the virtual machine will be lost. […] Sometimes you can corrupt Windows’ MBR (Master Boot Record) unintentionally, through installation of another operating system for instance, and you need to repair it before Windows can boot again. The error message that you usually get is “Operating System not found”. Under Win 95, 98 and ME, you could have used a standard MS-DOS […]

.snp to PDF

Get Snapshot viewer Then get CutePDF or whatever PDF Writer you want. Then open the file in Snapshot viewer and save as .PDF Most people have a PDF reader, most people don’t have the snapshot viewer. As the snapshot is uneditable anyway, putting it into PDF shouldn’t be a problem. And you might […]

\\DOMAINNAME\SYSVOL\sysvol\ If you put the sysvol on a separate drive when AD was setup, that will be there. Otherwise it should be in the Windows directory in path above.

Register loads of .dlls in a directory Create a txt file. Stick this in it @echo off echo registering files…. :check if not test%1==test goto run goto end :run echo registering: %1 ….. regsvr32 “%1” /s shift goto check :end pause exit Name it whatever you want. It needs to be a cmd file so […]

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