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In notepad type dsadd user “cn=%1, ou=OUName, dc=YourDomain, dc=YourSuffix” -fn %2 -ln %3 -pwd fred -mustchpwd yes Save as a bat file. cn = command name (user name) fn = first name ln = Last name Everything in bold you replace with your own info. Name the file whatever, like adduser.bat Example: adduser testdummy Test […]


Problem: Windows 7 64 is now installed. Works fine. You do a restart and it goes past post then black screen then slight white washed black screen as if it’s going to load Windows 7 logo but doesn’t. Just stays there. No errors. Turn off and on again and it’s fine. It’s only if you […]  


Chris Conway Statement Yes I know it don’t fit in the post but still 🙂 I’ve put a link to the image above. I hate Mediums. They prey on the weak and gullible for money. This guy is just as bad. But its interesting here that he criticizes Most Haunted now he’s lost his contract […]


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Little vid I created to show how easy it is to crack WEP. Shockingly people still have WEP set on their WIFI setups. You need to change it to WPA2 ASAP. This vid is for educational purposes only as it’s illegal to crack anyone’s WIFI unless you have permission. WPA and WPA2 is a lot […]


A quality and great interview with Richard Dawkins and Derren Brown. Explains so much, about cold reading, bullshit shows like Most Haunted and more. Best one is part 4 at 5:35. He’s talking about Most Haunted as I remember that episode. Most Haunted is fine if you look at it as entertainment. When it becomes […]


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The best videos on YouTube. 🙂 Dan and Dan’s blog Dan and Dan Films  


Same idea as the other security flaw I found. The change password page I thought would at least be secure but it appears, even this page, Twitter is sending the passwords out in plain text instead of encrypting them. Here the new password appears in the Username field of NetworkMiner. People may wonder what’s the […]


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