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In case anyone has the same problem. I’ve finally found what was causing the HDD to be read every few secs on my server 2003 box. Single Instance Storage Groveler. It’s related to RIS. Stopping the service stops the drive doing the above. Now the DC is finally quite again.


To find your Mac address you need to type in the following code from your E71’s homescreen…


From there you will see your code that you must write down and punch in to the field that is asking for it. After this you should have access to the network.


Permissions Table


UPDATE – I’ve changed the link below to point to GE.TT a legit file sharing site.


Link to the script

Taken from Train Signal AD 2008 training.

File needs to be saved as a Formatted Text (Space delimited) file once done.

Here’s the easy way to add a bunch of users all at once!
1. Copy and paste the first and last names of your users into the AddUsersInfoHere sheet
2. Type the ChildOU name and Autofill it down.
3. Type the ParentOU name and Autofill it down.
4. Go to MassUserCreationScriptSource and check to see if the domain name and suffix are correct. If not, fill in
correct value on the first line and Autofill down.
5. On the SaveThisSheetAsTextFile sheet, make sure to autofill for all required user names.
6. Go to File–> Save As and save the sheet in a convenient place, making sure to select Formatted Text (Space Delimited)
as the file type.
7. Take your .prn file, rename it to something.bat.
8. Post to your server and run it at the command line!


In notepad type

dsadd user “cn=%1, ou=OUName, dc=YourDomain, dc=YourSuffix” -fn %2 -ln %3 -pwd fred -mustchpwd yes

Save as a bat file.

cn = command name (user name)
fn = first name
ln = Last name

Everything in bold you replace with your own info.

Name the file whatever, like adduser.bat


adduser testdummy Test Dummy

Would add the user Test Dummy



Windows 7 64 is now installed. Works fine. You do a restart and it goes past post then black screen then slight white washed black screen as if it’s going to load Windows 7 logo but doesn’t. Just stays there. No errors.

Turn off and on again and it’s fine. It’s only if you do a restart.


“In bios, advanced, power on options, try setting post mode to either Clear Memory or FullBoot.
I had the same restart issue and the above change resolved it.”

I set it to clear memory and it’s fixed it.


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