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Turns out the KB2726958 was causing the issue. Checking the blurb on it, no mention its supported on Windows 10. Removed the patch and no longer crashing.  


Google Drive for Desktop Flaws Putting this out there anyway, whether anyone will see this post is another thing. This is a tiny site 🙂 The number one flaw of Google Drive for Desktops when using G Suite (so in a business environment) is the lack of auditing. It states this on their support page. […]  


To be clear, I only copy and paste other peoples sites sometimes in case the page I’ve linked to fails, which has happened a few times when people don’t carrying on hosting their sites. Sometimes I blog things mostly so I can remember them and in the off chance that they might be […]  


Useful   Regev – You can reset the time remaining calculations on your Paperwhite as follows: 1) Open up any book 2) Search for ;ReadingTimeReset – include the leading semicolon, and note that it is case sensitive and there are no spaces 3) You will get 0 search results 4) Hit the back button/icon. Your […]


Used it once to fix an app that didn’t like UAC because it had been coded for XP.  


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