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To get Bitlocker to work on this laptop make sure PTT is switched on in the BIOS along with UEFI. Otherwise you can’t use Bitlocker on it. If you need to make a bootable USB stick for Windows 10 it would then need to be Partition Scheme GPT and Target System UEFI

You try to port forward to the CCTV on port 8o with the management console of the router on port 8080. The management port on the router works remotely but the CCTV refuses to. Change the management port on the router to something other than 8080. We used 5000. Then the port forwarding to port […]

Orca MSI Editor. You can either take the long winded way of getting the file or download from here. When I uploaded it the link was valid and secure, lets hope it stays that way. Very useful for editing MSI files for Group Policy. Turns out this is Macrium backup which I’m using.

Turns out the KB2726958 was causing the issue. Checking the blurb on it, no mention its supported on Windows 10. Removed the patch and no longer crashing.

Google Drive for Desktop Flaws Putting this out there anyway, whether anyone will see this post is another thing. This is a tiny site 🙂 The number one flaw of Google Drive for Desktops when using G Suite (so in a business environment) is the lack of auditing. It states this on their support page. […]

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