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Immortalsmuaythai Michael Vincent

Seems to be happening to me every time they release an update. This is on the PC of course. Close Origin. Look in the registry by typing regedit in the start search box from the Windows start menu. (wrote this for the BF3 forum) Go to HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\EA Games\Battlefield 3 and note down what is in […]

So the secret is revealed.  There has always been the question “What was in Alan’s draw in series one in the hotel”.  Well it was never mentioned by this captured still image I took reveals it was a porn mag. This is series 1, episode 6 – Towering Alan – at roughly 26mins 19secs


Dan and Dan Films

Quality comedy from Dan and Dan. They play off each other really well. Dan and Dan Films

Yeah a new one

The best videos on YouTube. 🙂 Dan and Dan’s blog Dan and Dan Films

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