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Browsing Posts in IT Security If you get your 2-step verification via text message it is possible, as this flaws shows, that others can redirect your calls and text messages to their phone instead. Meaning they’ll get your 2-step verification code.

Google Drive for Desktop Flaws Putting this out there anyway, whether anyone will see this post is another thing. This is a tiny site 🙂 The number one flaw of Google Drive for Desktops when using G Suite (so in a business environment) is the lack of auditing. It states this on their support page. […]

One of the most useful vids on this I’ve found.

Great guide on breaking out of applications.  More reason to lock that remote remote machine down.  Easier said than done as sometimes locking down stuff stops other things working.

Running Word 2010 and run the macro For the macro type Shell “cmd /k cmd.exe” Run the macro. You now have a cmd box where you could potentially go elsewhere.

Obviously person has to have logged on successfully at least once. In XP search in reg for cachedlogonscount Normally at HKLM\Software\microsoft\Windows NT\currentversion\winlogon Normally shows the user.  Change cachedlogonscount to anything above 0 Maybe other references in that section that prevent it but need to compare with a working machine to find the entry blocking the […]

Quality, quality site. Even better is these FREE download videos And a new certificate course. Considering the amount of info it’s cheap. And life time access to any updates for the life of Security Tube And Vivek Ramachandran has a new book out

(At some point I’ll update the images so they appear again – 19 4 2016) Oddly some proxies block the small thumb nail images (Attempting to remove some words as think they are causing the work proxy to block the images) Anyone innocent in the images can blame the fuck that attempted to rip me […]

So seems free WordPress Themes may not be safe.

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